Born and raised for 17 years in a city that’s located in the middle part of mainland China, and later on moved and traveled to many corners of the world, Di finally finds a place that fascinates her. She is now a LA based imagineerer ( imagination- engineer)

She had her first crush with the States when she participated a semester-long funded exchange from the University of Melbourne to UC Berkeley in 2012, where she was inspired  by  the highly motivated, hard-working and responsible people around her to make her mind that, sooner or later, one day she will join these people to make the world a better place. Well, it didn’t take that long for her to come back. In 2013, she landed LA with a great passion for this artsy and outgoing city to start a long-term relationship.

Di finished her Master of Architecture degree in UCLA, and is taking her role to look at architecture’s discourse to a broader realm that incorporates fields of graphic design, fashion, interior and urban humanities issues, hoping architecture could really be understood as a form of social condition that’s set in the context of current social, economic and political backdrops.